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    The following style was created for vBulletin 4.2.5.
    I have tested the style three days with Firefox, Chrome and IE and did not found errors.

    This does not have to mean that no more errors exist and for references to such
    I would be grateful about a message from you.

    To use the style, you must do the following:
    Upoad the entire images folder from the upload folder into your forum root directory.
    Now it should look something like this: yourforum/images/style/green
    If you have done the above step, log in to your AdminControlPanel:
    • At the navigation bar choose styles and templates
    • Download / Upload Styles
    • At EITHER upload the XML file from your computer, on the right side Browse to your file.
    • Select the file to be imported .... Either rbc_green(fluid).xml or rbc_green(fix).xml
    • Click below on import
    Select your installed style on style chooser ! Thats it
    Demo Fix Style Demo Fluid Style Support can be found here
    The Style could also be downloaded from vBulletin.org Externer Link
    The style has a copyright in the footer which can be removed for a fee of 10 Euros.
    Of course they are allowed to use the style without charge,
    as long as the © copyright remains!
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